Saturday, October 8, 2016

Hunting for rocks,fossils and shells on the Seashore-Joy.

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Mary Anning Paleontologist.
My little Paleontologist
Hunting for rocks and shells,esp.on the shore bring Me joy. A Grandchild enjoying the same thing lights up My world. Mary Anning enjoyed the same activity as My own little Paleontologist. She lead an interesting life,even Google did a doodle on Her birthday in 2004. I was ready to change My major in College to Archaeology when I got the phone call that I was accepted into the Nursing program.So often I've wondered what would have happened if I decided to tell them I had other plans. Roaming Egypt or South America maybe. Truly though I made the right decision, You are assured of a steady paycheck and everyday touching others who are in deep need.I do though choose archaeology shows over anything else on TV.All this train of thought started when My daughter sent Me this photo.A small thing in life-treasure hunting on the shore-can renew Your Joy.,,, Hugs Denise