Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Excited about My new business

My husband Paul and I at one of Our daughters homes.....We've now been married 39 Years and He's been a blessing to Me since the day I met Him.I've thought now for many Years that I would like to bless Him in a slightly different way than usual.I've had Nursing jobs on and off through the Years in Our marriage to help Us buy homes and pay for Drill Teams ect.(We've raised 4 daughters).Now though I just want to pour buckets of tons of money over His head.Does that sound strange? It's true though, We have blessed and blessed eachother in so many ways, I think it would be fun -I can just see His smiling face.So I'm in the first few weeks of a new online mentoring business. I want to help other women find Joy they have lost or never found,through Christian based inspirational art journaling.I'm hoping some of My old friends from Coffeeberry Cottage will spread the news to those in need and My new friends too- welcome all : ) send them to My e-mail address please knuckled54@yahoo.com
I'll be posting more later but for now hugs and blessing-Denise of   Imagine Joy. 

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