Sunday, September 18, 2016

Mixed Media

Mixed media,has become My favorite form of creativity over the Years.I sometimes crave playing in it and it's become "My cup of tea".It seems to Me that everything goes and not too many rules,if any. My different experiments and trials of artistic endeavors into this medium have been very therapeutic to Me and to so many others I've come to know, in the Mixed Media art world.I lose Myself in the time spent, the cares of My world fade away for the time being.I would recommend this type of art to all those in difficult times of life, transitional changes in life (change points).Google it , read, peek and enjoy.See if it's right for You. It sure was right for Me.

 Older papers with text can be used. Any of Your favorite ephemera, most embellishments like buttons, ribbon, glitter.  Acrylics,watercolor,oil pastels, pens pencils, markers of all kinds,stamps.The list can go on and on.

                        Please join Me at My regular blog Coffeeberry Cottage,I've had for six Years now.This Imagine Joy blog is really an experiment of Mine,I really don't know where it's going if anywhere.
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